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Yesterday’s Rock Audience Is Today’s Hearing Loss Community

Head bangers of the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties are now banging their heads against a brick wall without the help of Pink Floyd. They are doing so out of frustration with the fact that they have damaged their hearing through self-abuse, and I am not talking about masturbation. We used to lose ourselves in the sound, immerse ourselves in stacks of Marshall amps pumping out bone jarring bass notes and love every minute of it. Loud music was the exclusive domain of all of us disaffected youth, and whether you believed that or not at the time, the people who ran the venues did.

Yesterday’s Rock Audience Is Today’s Hearing Loss Community

Electronic music or amplified music changed the stakes from the nineteen fifties onwards. Sound volume often excused lack of musical talent, if you could not play your instruments well, you could still play them loud. Punk rock built its short moment of celebrity on that basis. Grunge rock, likewise, turned the volume way up. Heavy metal was always the televised wrestling equivalent in the popular music business. Teenage boys with long hair shook their tresses as they banged their heads to the boom boom boom of the bass and drums. Yesterday’s rock audience is today’s hearing loss community; and what did you say Sonny?

Otosclerosis is not caused by exposure to loud music, it is a condition that most people are born with, or it can be triggered by a virus like measles. It does cause profound hearing loss and it involves abnormal bone growth in the middle ear. The ear is a fascinating part of the human body and the hearing sense plays a large part in how we experience the world around us. Many of us are unaware how important our ears and their hearing ability is to everything we do. It is only when we have hearing difficulties caused by things like otosclerosis or sustained exposure to loud music, that we find out how vital our hearing truly is.

Better health for people living in wealthy Western nations around the globe, means that we are living longer. A longer life expectancy means you’re deaf for longer, and for those who have damaged their hearing permanently through head banging in their youth, or exposure to damaging levels of sound through work or misadventure, it can be a prolonged tragedy. Tell your kids to watch out at those raves whilst high on recreational drugs, it may not be the drugs that get you, but rather the speakers blaring out the sounds at the venue.