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Pest Control: It’s a Community Issue

Pest Control: It’s a Community Issue

Urban areas with high population density create insect infestation opportunities – and why should cockroach control be the sole responsibility of home-owners or shopkeepers? Cockroach infestations spread quickly from dwelling to dwelling – surely the councils should be backing up the residents with community pest control campaigns?

Cockroach infestation is an issue that should not be taken for granted. A huge number of homes are invaded by these pests on a regular day to day basis making them not an isolated case but a community issue that affects quite a large number of individuals all over the world.

Pests most notably the cockroaches do harbor dangerous germs around them and this is because they live in areas such as the bathrooms, drains and dumpsters where bacteria populate. This is the reason why many consider cockroaches are among the worst urban pests and a number of individuals cower in fear the moment they see one.  It should be noted that while most of these cockroaches do not bite or sting, some species have been found to harm humans. Such cases are rare however, in a community that is heavily infested with these insects it is important to practice caution when dealing with these pests as they can nibble on fingernails, toes and soft parts of the skin causing wounds. During these cases, these pests tend to cause allergies which trigger an undesirable reaction due to their saliva secretion and body parts contain hundreds of allergens. As a result, people often suffer from skin rashes, sneezing and watery eyes with their encounter with cockroaches.

Cockroaches are indeed troublesome especially when they start to spread. A question that has been brought up earlier is that should cockroach control be the sole responsibility of home-owners or shopkeepers? Homeowners or shopkeepers are not entirely at fault when cockroach infestations occur. It should be noted that these pests tend to spread quickly moving from one how owner to another. Their need to expand is very much an issue especially since cockroach can either fly or perhaps crawl their way inside homes and other establishments. This is the reason why councils are required to back up the residents with community pest control campaigns before it gets worse and become an outbreak.

There are a number of pest control campaigns that are being done in the present. Sharing valuable information on how to deal with cockroach infestation is one of them. Knowledge does indeed play an important role in keeping pests out of our homes. However, this only works for homes and offices that have not been invaded by cockroaches yet. If worse comes to worst, the government will take charge in working hand in hand with pest control agencies to come up with a timely and effective pest control solution. Of course, we ourselves should take part in dealing with these pest troubles especially since this is a community issue. By cooperating with the people around you, the community will become a much safer place that is free of these pests.