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Largest Asian Communities Outside Asia

Largest Asian Communities Outside Asia

Asian communities around the world show no slowing down. With their numbers swelling each year, the Chinese people make up 3.7% of the world’s population outside the Chinese borders. In the Americas, 43 percent of the locals in Vancouver are of Asian descent. According to reports of the Canadian Statistics, the number of the city’s residents with Asian ancestry are growing at a faster rate compared to non-Asian communities. In other parts of Canada such as Toronto and Calgary, Asian communities account for 35 percent and 23 percent, respectively, of the cities’ total population. While in San Francisco in the United States, 33 percent of the locals have Asian background.

Let’s take a look to some of the Asian communities outside Asia and see what makes their areas special.

  • Indians in Australia

Based from the 2011 Australian Census, around 400,000 of the Australian public have Indian roots. Their community plays a big part in the country’s workforce as most of them are employed in the academe, research sector, banking industry, agricultural sector and medical field. Indian settlements in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne constitute to at least 3% of the total residents in these areas. Some of the notable figures from the Indian community are Lisa Maria Singh, the Senator for Tasmania, and television Anchor Anjali Rao.

  • Chinese in Africa

You can find the largest ethnic Chinese community in Africa in South Africa. Majority of these communities can be found in Johannesburg. In fact, the city houses two Chinatowns: downtown along Commissioner Street and in the eastern outskirts of Cyrildene. Most of the establishments here are run by Mandarin-speaking business owners.

  • Chinese in Europe

London, Liverpool and Paris have some of the famous Chinatown districts in Europe. London’s Chinatown enchants at least 300,000 tourists during the Lunar New Year celebration. The oldest Chinese settlements in Europe can be found in Liverpool and account for 1.7% of the city’s population. While in Paris, there are numerous Chinatowns and Asian communities in the area. Some can be traced at Avenue de Choisy and the suburbs of Le Kremlin-Bicêtre.

  • Chinese in Australia

There are Chinese communities in key Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, with Asian cultural events in the city are managed in part by Sydney’s ACM Group. According to Chinatown Precinct Association, the Chinatown in Melbourne is among the world’s longest continually occupied Chinese settlements abroad. Aside from the Chinese New Year celebration, Melbourne’s Chinatown is popular for its Asian food festival which is usually held during the fall season. Meanwhile, Sydney’s Chinatown located at the central business district, is considered as the country’s largest Chinatown. Chinese locals in Sydney form 7.9% of the city’s total population.