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Keeping Our Children Secure in the 21C

As parents and carers of children, we are all, I am sure, concerned with keeping our kids safe from harm in this volatile 21C. Terrorism strikes fear into our hearts every time we see the news or read about attacks happening. The atrocities which have occurred in France, Sweden and the United States are truly terrible. That the people who are committing them can link them to their religious beliefs in a god is as far-fetched as it is ironic. Political and very human aspirations and concerns are being disguised in divine dress like wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Keeping Our Children Secure in the 21C

That these people want power over the world and wealthier lives are very earthly concerns; but humans like to declare divine right to bolster their cases in the eyes of the gullible. Gods have been evoked by wannabe kings and rulers for millennia; it is how we have ended up with most of our religions. Putting pinpricks into the inflated balloons of so-called religious madmen and women is not, however, the aim of this article. Dealing with the dangers as they currently are, is more the domain of this piece.

Securing the institutions where are children our educated and recreate is more important today, than ever before. The public venue locksmith services are vital, if we are to keep potential danger at bay. No more lax attitudes toward securing the safety of our children can be tolerated; we must beef up security across the board. All individuals involved in security must be screened regularly, including locksmiths, security guards, school janitors and anyone else that may be involved in locking down venues and securing them. Our kids must be protected and we cannot leave it all up to the police and intelligence agencies.

Children are a target of these dreadful people, as they seek to strike terror into the west. ISIS is a vicious and retroactive organisation, which desires power over women and children. Their track record in Iraq and Syria is appalling, with women raped and their men beaten and killed. They would like to turn the clock back to a time when men could wantonly abuse women and children. Here in the west, we have battled stoically for centuries to arrest this kind of gender abuse. God has nothing to do with the filth that these peddlers of abuse wish to exert over their women and children.