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Community Recycling and Waste Management

Community recycling and waste management are both only in the nascent stages of their development. We may think that we have been recycling for years and that the job is well on its way to being completed, but that is a furphy. In many ways recycling has been at the very bottom of our waste management to do lists, in terms of government spending and infrastructure. Sure the trucks may have been collecting the contents of those yellow-lidded bins every month, or two weeks, for years, but what has been happening to all those recyclables after that?

Community Recycling and Waste Management

The answer is not as much as could have been happening. The separation of all those different recyclables into aluminium, glass, paper and cardboard, and all the other categories has been a slow process at these waste management facilities. For many years, recyclables made their way into general landfill far too often. Still today, if residents do not dispose of their recyclables correctly, as in the case of bagging up their recyclable waste, it will stay in landfill. Recyclables must be loose and unbagged when put in the yellow-lidded bin.

Community recycling and waste management are now entering a far more sophisticated stage of their development in Western countries around the globe. In cities with proactive town councils, and state governments, waste is being managed at new levels. Recycling is really happening, and the industry as a whole is growing in reach and effectiveness. Green governments are upping the ante in terms of the percentage of waste being recycled and taking the toxins out of the system. Electrical waste is much more of an issue these days with our love of technology and local government agencies are getting more of this type of waste out of the general landfill.

The community continues to be empowered to recycle by government incentives, such as money in return for deposits of recyclables like glass and aluminium. In this throwaway world that we live in, we must all take more responsibility for how we throw things away. Recycling is a community issue and councils are connecting on Facebook with their constituents, letting them know about specialist waste management days. There are drives for particular types of waste on special days every month and incentives in terms of no charge deposits at rubbish depos. Community recycling and waste management is at the beginning of a new growth cycle.