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Community Natural Health Services

Community natural health services have a rich and socially conscious history in western countries around the globe. Community workers fought for the rights of their disadvantaged community members to receive natural health services at a subsidised rate. The push over the last thirty years has seen more alternative healthcare available to low income people in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia. Why should poorer people be excluded from the health revolution of the last five decades? We are all equally deserving of greater wellbeing and sensitive healthcare.

Community Natural Health Services

Many natural health practitioners are passionate about helping those less fortunate within our society. In some ways, the beginning of the complementary healthcare industry was born out of a movement dedicated to more humanitarian compassion within our communities. The presence of naturopaths, homoeopaths, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and other alternative medicine healthcare specialists in community health centres has paved the way for greater acceptance of the industry. Healers are doing what they feel they were born to do, that is heal people. It is not all about money when you have a calling.

The fact is, that the natural health industry has grown in popularity through community dissatisfaction with allopathic medicine. People were not getting cured going to their doctors for chronic health conditions. There were no pills from Big Pharma curing asthma, allergies, stress related illnesses and hundreds of other modern ailments. The medical fraternity tried to denigrate the people who were presenting with these conditions. They said that they were making them up and imagining them. They inferred that these people were malingerers. They couldn’t cure them, so they attempted to deny their veracity.

Today, things have changed and natural health services have flourished. Allopathic medicine has been forced to share the pie. Technology has come to the natural health party with new cures like low intensity laser treatments helping sufferers of things like fascia plantar. There are free podiatry services in some community health centres helping those who really need this. It is all about providing greater levels of wellbeing for all members of society, not just the wealthy. There are too many doctors in our medical establishments who have become doctors for the wealth opportunities, and not because they have a calling to heal. The medical fraternity have jealously guarded their market, the sick, from those who have not come through the same system. A lot of fear mongering continues today, especially when you can count the number of people who die from misadventure with a natural therapist on one hand, whereas the number from misdiagnosis and mistreatment in general medicine is in the tens of thousands.