A fast growing figures of people sleeping on the streets becomes apparent in Perth. There are heaps of reasons of this and they are also quite complex. It is probably caused by the soaring living expenses, troubling housing shortage, mental illness, escaping from an abusive relationship, or unforeseen financial catastrophe.

Individuals usually find themselves homeless for causes that are often astonishing. It is one of the more challenging issues that a state government can confront.

As the gap between the rich and poor rises, the level of homelessness in the community also increases- one thing that is pretty obvious regarding homelessness.

As winter occurs each year, homeless people in Perth are particularly vulnerable to any sickness or diseases living in rough streets that are potentially dangerous and psychologically damaging. However, these individuals are still driven to the streets and endure the struggles and pain while living there.

The desire to make our community more caring has triggered concerned citizens to take part in helping homeless or destitute by providing free food in some places in Perth. They are entirely selfless and spend some of their time serving meals to disadvantaged people. These so-called soup kitchens are continuously helping our community a better place to live. They work and give knowing that their deeds will make a difference to the lives of those who are unfortunate.

Manna’s kitchen for instance, operates similar to a soup kitchen but it has much more extensive meals programs. They serve meals to homeless through Hot ‘n’ Healthy Meals Program. This has grown to be Perth’s largest humanitarian food outlet of meals to the homeless and disadvantaged. The group provides soup, a main meal, plus a dessert and a drink six days a week, from Sundays to Fridays. The dishes are prepared fresh every morning and distributed for free to the homeless at 1:30 pm in the park at Weld Square near the Perth city. Everything is given with no expectation and that they have to contribute financially. Their volunteers serve from the Manna van or set up tables around the van so they can interact with them. Unfortunately, the growing numbers of homeless they feed are unstoppable which means there is an increasing need for more resources.

Other soup kitchens, on the other hand, do their bit anonymously and some organizations position in different places in the area. Their contribution is appalling. It is encouraging people to play their part in making the world a better place.