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Recreational Spaces In Urban Councils

Recreational Spaces In Urban Councils

Recreation is any activity that results in pleasurable response that has physical, emotional and intellectual benefits. Recreational space is essential in the urban areas, where more residents live in compact houses and apartments without backyards. Recreational spaces in Urban Councils provide local destinations for people to be physically active and exposed to nature. These spaces generate social and economic values for the community. Time spent in recreational spaces offer a reprieve from the urban environment. It also encourages people for active and passive recreational activities as well as interaction with local native flora and fauna. Physical activities couple with green space environments lead to decrease levels of stress and overall well-being. Despite the increasing medium density housing in the city, improving recreational spaces in urban councils is one of the government’s priorities.

There are two main types of recreational spaces in Urban Councils:

Formal recreational spaces – are recreational spaces for active recreation that involves playing and team participation. Playing fields, sports grounds, athletic tracks, tennis courts, baseball fields are examples of formal recreational spaces.

Informal recreational spaces are open spaces that provide opportunities for passive recreational activities such as walking, sitting and general relaxing. The main types of informal recreational spaces are botanical gardens, parklands, playgrounds and linear open spaces.

Recreational Spaces in Urban Council Sydney

Olympic Park, Sydney this is a large sporting cultural and leisure complex. This is also the hub of world-class events and sporting matches. The park contains commercial development and extensive parklands. Bicentennial Park is located inside the Sydney Olympic Park. Bicentennial Park is a diverse natural park with 40 hectares of beautiful parklands featuring gentle hills, lakeside meadows and soothing green vistas. This park features playgrounds, picnic shelters, barbecues, toilets and several car parks.

Hyde Park, Sydney is the oldest public parkland in Australia. It has more than 16 hectares of wide open space that can be used for recreation. Hyde Park contains well-kept gardens and variety of trees. There is no shortage of lush grass in this park perfect for impromptu picnic or simply relaxing.

Blacktown International Sportspark is a multi-sports venue with natural bushland. The park includes two cricket grounds, an athletics track and field, baseball diamonds and soccer field, softball field and park land. It is adjacent to Western Sydney Parklands.

The Domain is a 34 hectares open space offering a range of open spaces suitable for outdoor sports, open-air events, concerts, exercise and relaxation.

Royal Botanic Garden is the oldest botanic garden and scientific institution in Australia. This is a place of passive recreation offering users serenity and enjoyment of the botanic surrounds. The lush green gardens and dramatic views of the Sydney skyline and Harbour are ideal for relaxation.

Moore Park, Sydney  beautiful parklands perfect for roller-blading, horse riding, bike riding or picnic. You can also play golf or tennis at Moore Park. It has sports stadiums, public access golf course and entertainment venues.

Centennial Parklands is a 360 hectares parklands. It is made up of three major urban parks. It is home to over 15,000 trees, Australian wildlife, ponds, flowers beds and statues. It also offers a selection of cafes and restaurants. You can take a walk, hire a bike, enjoy a round of golf, go horse-riding, or enjoy a picnic in the vast and beautifully maintained open green spaces.

Fred Caterson Reserve, Castle Hill is a large multiple sports facility has five soccer fields or three cricket fields, cricket practice nets, baseball field, ten tennis courts, a BMX track, remote control car track and a basketball stadium. There are also several walking tracks, pathways, bush tracks and an extensive cycleway.

Cook and Philip Park is an aquatic park and fitness centre that provides world-class swimming, fitness, sporting and recreational facilities, as well as an outdoor training area within a picturesque parkland setting.

Kogarah Park, Jubilee Oval has a terrific castle them play area with swings and rope courses. The park sits on the edge of Jubilee Oval. The oval is a multipurpose stadium used for rugby and soccer matches.

Leichhardt Park includes Leichhardt Oval and Aquatic Centre. It is a popular playing field for soccer; also a part of a foreshore multi-purpose pathway extends around Iron Cove. The aquatic centre has variety of pools and gym facilities.

Heffron Park, Maroubra provides a regional multi-faceted sporting facility with sportsfields, netball courts, criterium cycle track, pedal park, playground, leisure centre and soccer field.

Granville Sportsground, Parramatta is providing quality sporting fields which can be used for a variety of sporting and recreational pursuits for people in the community to access.

Sydney Racecourses are urban greenspaces within the urban councils. There are four metropolitan betting racetracks where race meetings and recreations are held. Sydney’s metropolitan racecources include Rosehill Gardens, Warwick Farm, Royal Randwick and Canterbury Park.

Public Golf Courses including Avalon Public Golf Course, Bondi Golf Club, Randwick Golf Club, Sefton Golf Course, Wakehurst Golf Club, Woollahra Golf Club, Rosnay Golf Club, The Ridge Golf Course and Driving Range and Wallacia Panthers.

Unheralded Community Services: Dark Ties That Bind Us

Unheralded Community Services: Dark Ties That Bind Us

Admit it or not, there’s a social stigma on industries related to prostitution and drug trade, mainly because these are illegal. But little do people know that these “underground businesses” service the unmet needs of some members of the community. When you examine how brothels serve the community or how some recreational drugs are helping people, you will realise that these things are not always as negative as portrayed in the media. Here are some of them:

Sex for the Disabled

In a survey conducted by the Observer in 2008, 70 percent of the respondents said that they won’t have a sexual relationship with people with disabilities (PWDs). As sad as it may sound, that is one of the harsh realities in life. Fast forward to 2014, a British lady announced that she plans to open a brothel for the disabled people. Guess what? PWDs also like sex.

Before, PWDs do not have the confidence to be with a fully-abled man or woman. What’s worse is that some had completely closed their doors on having sex with the people they desire. But now, a handful of sex workers in the United Kingdom have started to service those who are physically incapacitated. According to these escorts, sex is a basic right that every human should be able to enjoy. However, this right is considered as a luxury for PWDs. For them, providing sex services to the disabled is a step in changing how people see PWDs as members of our society.

Marijuana for Managing Pain

Marijuana is still illegal in most parts of the world. That being said, there are countries that allow the use of marijuana or cannabis, as part of the patient’s medical treatment. For instance, Canada is regulating the possession of cannabis through the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations. However, marijuana is still considered as prohibited drug in the country.

Even if there are establishments that sell marijuana for medical purposes, there are still some people who can’t access these facilities for various reasons. As a result, they purchase cannabis from people who sell them on the street.

Nowadays, the social stigma about marijuana use is starting to fade. Thanks to progressive scientific studies, marijuana has become the pain buddy of people who are suffering from chronic pain.